PlayStation Network down for 6 hours today due to scheduled maintenance

Sony has announced that its PSN will be down today (January 27th) for a 6 hour period across the globe. This is another bout of scheduled maintenance that the PlayStation Network has to endure on a now-nearly monthly basis.

Today’s outage will go from 17:30pm on Monday 27 January 2014 until 23:30pm GMT and it will be out the same time for our American cousins, through 9.30am PT/12pm ET until 3.30pm PT/6.30pm ET.

As per usual with the PSN outages, gamers who have signed into the PSN wihin the last 48 hours will still be able to access the online gaming aspect using PS3, PS4 and PS Vita consoles as well as online services like iPlayer and Netflix, but they will not be able to access the PS Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management sections.

If you haven’t logged onto PSN in the last 48 hours though, you will struggle to access anything online including streaming services, apps and online gaming until maintenance is completed.

Hopefully the maintenance will be on time and wont overlap, but as is historically the case, the update can go over the assumed timescale.

Sony is directing any queries or issues to the official PlayStation Forums at or for the latest maintenance updates, you can follow the Facebook page and/or follow Sony EU on Twitter.