PlayStation VR – Project Morpheus Gets an Official Name

After recently celebrating the 20th anniversary of PlayStation in the United States, Sony has decided on a final retail name for its virtual reality headset codenamed ‘Project Morpheus’ and it going to be called – PlayStation VR.

Project Morpheus was officially announced and an early version demonstrated at the Games Developers Conference last March and Sony’s head-mounted gaming device has gone through a few aesthetic changes during its journey to the high street. We should have suspected that the PlayStation marketing machine would come up with something simple but catchy for when its Oculus Rift challenging headset hits the shelves and PlayStation VR is just that.

The title of PlayStation VR came to light at the Tokyo Game Show today and was then shared publicly via the PlayStation Twitter account. The name drops the likely Matrix reference but the gadget, when released at some point next year, will still offer an immersive new dimension to the PlayStation gaming experience which will provide an eye-blistering OLED 1920×1080 display and will work in co-operation with the flagship PS4 console.

A number of games for PlayStation VR have already been revealed such as the popular Project Cars, which will be reworked to incorporate the virtual reality gimmick and brand new properties including  Shadow of the Beast and Paranormal Activity VR (yep, as in the movie.)

Virtual Reality is looking to make a comeback in a big way next year, with the Oculus Rift on the horizon and now a Facebook owned project, and smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and HTC making the VR platform mobile, that silly looking fad of the early nineties might finally have a role to play in the ecosystem of consumer electronics.