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Pokemon GO Servers Down Following Leaked Android APK – Ban Rumours Circulate

Pokémon GO was officially launched for Android and iOS devices in Australia and New Zealand yesterday – However, thanks to a leaked APK file, the app game has been installed on thousands of Android phones across the globe (including the UK) ahead of schedule.

Many have been enjoying the game since the loophole was discovered and a raw file of the fully playable app was shared by – meaning budding Pokémon trainers have been able to enjoy the game without downloading it from the authorised vendor the Google Play Store, which currently lists Pokémon GO as unavailable in most countries.

After a full day of hunting Pokémon and capturing the colourful critters in the augmented world, many have started to report difficulty getting onto the app with server error messages preventing logging on and lag plaguing gameplay.

Some suspect this is the game’s creators The Pokémon Company / Niantic pulling the plug to deter any more unauthorised installs and stopping gamers getting an advantage filling up that Pokédex.

Although we would think it’s more likely the sheer amount of users trying to access the game. Considering the app was only intended for a very small initial release in Australia and New Zealand the servers must be taking one heck of a beating from the rest of the world who are all trying to “catch ‘em all”.

The Pokémon GO server seems to be pokey dokey at present, and it seems possible to log on and play again. This suggests the issue is due to traffic as we suspect.

However, a wild rumour has appeared and is circulating on Twitter, suggesting that anyone who installs the APK file will be banned from playing when Pokémon GO is officially released to all.

Although this is purely speculation it’s worth noting that developer Niantic has been known to hand out bans when one of its previous titles was leaked.

The Gadget Helpline has  also compiled a list of Known Issues & Fixes for Pokemon GO which is a handy guide to helpling the game run as smoothly as possible!