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Pokémon GO Smartphone Game Seeks Field Testers

A new augmented reality smartphone game called Pokémon GO is prepping for a summer launch and to get a feel for how the game will work out in the wild its developers are welcoming players to join a field test.

Pokémon GO will allow smartphone gamers on Android and iOS to search for colourful pocket monsters around the world, superimposing them into real-life environments with the use of the touchscreen, camera and AR an display and The Pokémon Company with Niantic Labs is allowing a handful of wannabe trainers (in the United States only) to go out and find them right now.

Registration is taking place as we speak over at and lucky applicants will be able to download a test version of the Pokémon GO app to try before anyone else. A wearable wrist gadget called Pokémon GO Plus will also go on sale when the app is launched to help with the hunting and enhance the gaming experience.

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The importance of testing the app with a small audience to start with is important due to the sheer scale of the game. Pokémon GO, when launched fully this summer, will see thousands of Pokémon trainers all competing at the same time to bag as many critters as possible. To ensure smooth gameplay and a satisfying experience for players at launch it’s going to be a benefit to see how it runs on a smaller field and gather gamer feedback to make any final adjustments before global release of Pokémon GO.

One small catch of catchin’ ‘em all ahead of the pack is that you must ‘sign’ a disclaimer stating you won’t talk about what you’ve played on social media, only offering your opinions back to the devs.

If you’re a keen Poké-fan, in the United States, with a smartphone running Android 4.3 or above or Apple iOS 5 or above you can register for the Pokémon GO field test now.

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