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Popular Game Tetris to be Adapted into Movie

Ultra-playable puzzle game Tetris is set to become the next big gaming property to break out as a movie.

Tetris is the addictive Russian themed video game first release 30 years ago in 1984 and became famous when it was bundled with the Nintendo Game Boy and the game has evolved, been reimagined and become highly social through mobile devices since its inception. There’s even been a building sized playable version of the beloved game in Philadelphia.

The basic ‘plot’ of the game is that blocks drop out of the sky onto a playing area where they can be moved, rotated and arranged to build lines that disappear and the aim is to remove as many lines as possible through skill and quick thinking as the levels get ever more challenging.

And it’s the challenge of Threshold Entertainment, an intellectual property specialist firm, partnered with the Tetris Company to give the legendary game a ‘back story’ and bring it to screens as well as promote its various media platforms in the near future. In comments to the Wall Street Journal, who broke the news, Threshold Entertainment states that brands are the new movie stars and promises that Tetris as a motion picture will be a ‘very big, epic sci-fi movie’.

Threshold Entertainment is no stranger to bringing video game IP to life on screen and the company’s CEO Larry Kasanoff was involved in the development of the movie adaptation of fight franchise Mortal Kombat in 1995 and its sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

However the Tetris film looks we’re definitely hoping for a revamp of that funky theme tune. Something a little less annoying than this offering from Doctor Spin in 1992!

Source: Speakeasy / Wall Street Journal