Porsche Design and BlackBerry launch the £1,500 BlackBerry P’9982

Have you got money to burn and the need to look swanky in every aspect of your life? Fortunately, BlackBerry has teamed up with Porsche Designs again to launch an ‘exclusive’ new smartphone, the BlackBerry P’9982.

Like the BlackBerry P’9981 before it, the new model is based on another current BlackBerry phone – the Z10 – and has been customised with fancy materials which apparently warranty a much higher price tag. The P’9982 is essentially the Z10 but now features stainless steel elements and a back plate crafted from fine Italian leather.

To further sweeten the deal, BlackBerry has upped the internal storage to 64GB and assures us that every P’9982 comes with a special PIN which makes it clear to your BBM contact list that you spent way too much on your posh new phone.

Other than boosted storage, a special PIN and a premium design and build, the BlackBerry P’9982 is pretty much the same as a BlackBerry Z10 inside. It features the same screen size and 1,280 x 768 resolution, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8 megapixel rear camera. This version features GSM radios, so it’ll work just fine in the UK and most European countries, though it won’t work on some US CDMA networks including Verizon Wireless.

As with previous Porsche Design and BlackBerry linkups, the P’9982 will sell exclusively through Harrods of London to start with. As you might expect, it carries a premium price tag of “around £1,500” ($2,500), though we don’t yet know just when it will launch.

And just in case you were hoping to spend even more on your next smartphone, BlackBerry has promised a series of customisable Italian leather back covers to buy separately. Amusingly, following the link BlackBerry provided to check these covers out will just show you a series of premium iPad and iPhone covers.