Potential Apple iPhone 6 Rear Casing Revealed

Only the leakiest of leaks attract our attention on this blog. This one’s so leaky that if you put it in water it would, well, sink I guess. Anyway, if you hadn’t noticed the trend, a new iPhone comes out every few years, and of course someone always spoils the excitement by spiriting away a component, picture, or sometimes even a whole prototype.

Today we have a picture from MacFixit, which has allegedly been billed as the rear component for the new iPhone, the iPhone 6. There are a few rumors going around about the device, such as that there will be two versions, a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch, allegedly to combat the growing phablet trend, plus offer a smaller version that you might be even be able to put in your pocket.

This picture clearly shows the back of the device, but just how big it is seems debatable. We could take a look at the average size of the apple logo included on the back of iPhones of the past and compare it for scale, which would lead to the conclusion that the device may be slightly bigger. But we don’t know for certain. The camera angle may make it seem longer on the y axis than previous models, but again, it’s hard to tell.

The only thing that we can say is that the hideous green colour is just some kind of protective film, and that whatever the phone’s colour is whoever took this photo wants that to be a surprise, which may suggest a purposeful leak. Again we don’t know for sure. Rumor blogging is so frustrating.

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Other rumors persist about the device too, with wild claims such as Apple stockpiling a 3 year supply of scratch-free sapphire crystal glass screens to include on the device, as well as the potential inclusion of hallowed 1080p resolution rendering. It may include 128GB of memory, If the phone is dropped in water, it could turn into wine. In this unconfirmed state, all are as likely as each other.

Bringing it back down to earth, for now, what we do strongly believe is that the new iPhone, just like every other iPhone which has ever been release, will in the likeliest of scenarios include improved hardware for better speed, a more efficient and long-lasting battery, and a better camera.  The next less likely thing is that it may also have a better screen.

Fear not. The rumors may be fuzzy and nonspecific, but we can happily reveal that yes, Apple will one day release another iPhone. We’ll be here to tell you all about it when that day arrives.

Source: MacFixit