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Potential Low-Cost ‘iPhone 4S’ To Be Revealed With iPhone 5

Another iPhone 5 news bite, as recently a collection of screenshots ‘borrowed’ from AT&T’s internal file system show listings for a white ‘iPhone 4S’ as well as current iPhone 4 and 3G models. A listing for the up and coming iPhone 5 was unfortunately absent however, prompting some to believe there may not even be an iPhone 5 in the near future.

As well as the leaked screenshots, more images of the purported iPhone 5’s innards have revealed that the new model runs on an A5 processor chip – a component of the iPad 2. Additional internet speculation points to this being a signal that there may be a dual-core ‘iPhone 4S’ in the works.

The Inner-Workings of an iPhone 5?

If this is true, this could be a sign that Apple seeks to compete with mid range smartphones in a market currently dominated by Android phones made by Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola, most of who are being sued by Apple right now.

Apple has a trend of dishing out budget models of their outgoing iPhone model, such as the iPhone 3GS, so the new 4S might just be following this trend, increasing the iPhone’s specs and selling off some current inventory quicker, making some big bucks on the way.

As for the iPhone 5, design speculations include a look described by bloggers as ‘completely different from the current version’, featuring a new tapered finish to the phone with a curved back along with a newer, lighter composition and  a bigger screen to show off the high resolution retina display the iPhone is currently known for.

IMG: Engadget