Privacy App Required? We Had A Look At Telegram

Privacy App that gives us the ability to chat to friends and family? Very little chance of  twitching curtains in the background?
That’s all we ask for when going about our normal everyday lives.
Not too much to ask for right?

If big tech was being asked though, you could be forgiven in thinking their answer would be an impartial one towards privacy. 

So which privacy app is probably the safest to use in regards to nobody else knowing your business in the background?

We believe everyone should be eyeing Hong Kong in this respect.
The populace there have a very hi-tech society. There is also a very large surveillance operation in place by the government. This operation monitors the public in quite intrusive ways, facial recognition for one.
In the video below it shows one way that the protestors attempted to counter this.

When it comes to organising themselves, protestors have turned to a couple of apps that seem to be keeping their plans under wraps.

One app in particular is Telegram

We have written about Telegram before, that was more about support than its key features.

Privacy App – Telegrams Features


Encrypted chat just like Whatsapp.

Groups can be created that hold up to two hundred thousand members.

Multi platform support – You can synchronise your chats across all devices.

Scheduled messages

Great if you really need to let a colleague know something before you head to bed for the night. The old problem would have been that you may wake them if you send that message before hitting the sack. With scheduled you can set it to send the following morning just before your colleague goes to work. You can choose to send with or without sound too, just in case they are getting a lay in.

Self-destruct messages

These messages can be set to auto delete in x amount of time after sending.

As chat apps go this is definitely one to have a look at. I have been using it with family and friends for over a year now with no issues.

When it comes to privacy, I, personally have nothing to hide. This is not the point though. Having nothing to hide does not mean you deserve less privacy than those who do. When data is considered priceless, you may want to consider how much value you are giving others for free.

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