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PS NOW Adds Huge Library Update – New Console War?

PS Now have added a huge library update that can be accessed using most devices including PC. This means you can play PS games on your PC without needing an emulator!

Atari or Amiga? Nintendo or Sega? Playstation or Xbox? The world of gaming technology has always been afflicted with a loud, often less than polite argument between fans of the respective brands.

Console War

Since the beginning, each brand has had their own strengths and weaknesses, and a target audience – obvious, right? This seems to have gone over the heads of many fans, who fervently believe their choice is the right one.
Nintendo fans stress the family friendly accessibility and list of highly loved characters (who doesn’t love Mario?). Sony fans boast the quality of their exclusive titles, with games like God of War smashing PS4 sales records; meanwhile Xbox fans are happy with the range of multimedia and applications available on their choice of console.

The latest factor to consider when looking at consoles going forward is the introduction and development of subscription-based game access – Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, and Sony’s
PS NOW. Sony have this week added 50 new PS4 titles, including Ubisoft’s For Honor, to their
PS NOW service, allowing users to stream games without having to purchase separately and download them. This offers a speedy way to play, including on PC.

Some of you may remember similar services from years gone by such as GameFly and OnLive Streaming. The latter were never massively successful due to the high cost and internet speed requirements. Especially when paired with a less advanced internet infrastructure than what we enjoy today. Sony and Microsoft are putting a lot of work – and money – into making sure they do not experience the same pitfalls, and instead are paving a new path for gamers.

PS Now

This is the next step in providing Sony an opportunity to rival the Xbox Game Pass, which over the past year has been one of Microsoft’s core focuses.  Products like Forza Horizon 4 and the upcoming Crackdown 3 being added to the service on release day, as well as a vast collection of beloved Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox Live titles. With Microsoft buying up developers like collectible stickers so that they can get as many exclusives added to their roster as possible, the comparison to services such as Netflix are easy to make. With both Sony and Microsoft trying to make their own offerings the big player as we move into a world where cloud computing (and gaming!) is going to become a lot more common, who will come out on top?

Where do you stand on the console war? Let us know your feelings in the comments.

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