PS4 Gamers Invited to Tweet their Update Suggestions

Sony is taking a leaf out of Microsoft’s play book by offering PlayStation 4 owners the chance to make suggestions of things they’d like to see in future firmware updates for the console.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios based in Japan, posted from his own account on Twitter inviting gamers to drop a tweet to project planning manager Toshmasa Aoki asking for new features they want for the PS4 and also the company’s upcoming VR platform Project Morpheus.


Within hours Twitter filled up with requests for new additions including offline trophy support so progress can be viewed without need to be connected to the web, and also 1080p video capture and uncompressed image capture meaning no quality loss when screenshotting in games which would bring the PS4 up to par with Xbox One in a couple areas where it currently lacks.

Other suggestions included a number of requests for DLNA support which is a long requested and much rumoured feature which would boost the PS4 media capabilities. Aoki has been steadily responding to these requests here and there saying they would be looked into but no firm confirmation that any of will make it to PS4 anytime soon.

Despite no firm answers or guarantee they will become part of the PS4 user experience, it’s reassuring to see Sony utilising the social platform and is actively listening to its customers feedback and taking ideas on board. Microsoft has been doing this for some time and makes a point of including user suggestions in most of its monthly Xbox One updates.