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PS4 Update 1.7 Troubled By Screen Flickering – How to Fix it

UPDATE: Since the release of the new PS4 firmware version 1.7, which is heavily focused on video improvements, it appears a number of gamers have been affected by a flickering screen after starting up their console. If you’ve suffered this yourself, fret not, this does not seem to be a major issue and a solution is just being reported.

To resolve the glitch you’ll need to access your PS4 system’s Video Output settings and disable ‘Deep Colour’ – This simple step should stabilise the picture and you should experience no further flickering or disruption to your console use following the 1.7 update. Please let us know if this fix works for you too.



Sony has released a system update for PS4 today as well as offering a full list of all the improvement and additions users can benefit from when the firmware is downloaded and installed.

With the PS4 update 1.7 a lot is focused on video content and the firmware adds SHAREFactory, a social feature which allows comments and stickers to be shared among friends online as well as sharing of video clips with custom music which can be added.

Video clips can now also be saved in a choice of lengths from 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes, and of you share your video content live via social apps such as Twitch and UStream the newly added Best HD supports higher resolution while streaming and also save them on these social video services.

Not only can you stream from your PS4, but snapshots and clips can now be posted on Facebook or stored on a USB stick or memory device or simply viewed in the Capture Gallery. If you yourself want to watch back a video and find the sound could use improving there is now a setting for Noise Reduction, to help filter out the best quality audio in Video Playback.

Changes to the Settings on PS4 will be noticeable with Manage Account Information section now becoming Link with other Services, and users have greater control over who sees what on their profile, with picture and real name privacy setting available. Language, Blu-Ray Disc Management and Allow Internet Connection have been added to Video Playback Settings.

A new Users section has been added to set Login Settings and to Delete User and other additions include allowing notifications from PSN, sorting your Trophies by rarity and setting the Dual Shock 4 Controller’s touchpad to control keyboard entries.

All the details of the PS4 1.7 update can be found on Sony PlayStation website along with the complete list of all those additions and adjustments which should hopefully improve the gaming and entertainment experiences on offer.  To check for the update and for advice on installing it check out our Gadget Help article.