PSP “Remasters” Series – No trophy support on Playstation cross-platforms

Yesterday the Gadget Helpline wrote about the “PSP Remaster” series which will allow gameplay continuation across Playstation Portable and Playstation 3 consoles – also giving some of the handhelds most popular games an HD / 3D high-end graphic makeover.

We were excited to hear the news of favourite remakes of PSP titles hitting PS3 – starting with Monster Hunter Portable. Despite the fact that games will need to be re-bought on new PS3 Blu-Ray discs, it is a potentially interesting spin on some great games. But it’s now come to disappointing light that hard-earned Trophies will not be supported on the cross platform experience.

This means that Trophies earned on the Playstation 3 platform will not be transferable or obtainable on the PSP – the portable platform currently features no Trophy system of its own and it doesn’t appear that any crossover is planned for the “Remaster” series.

Say goodbye to those Trophies between PS3 and PSP.

Sony suggests that the Trophy system for Playstation 3 is highly likely to be targeted by hackers and is susceptible to theft – obviously something Sony will want to seriously avoid after the last couple months.

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