Put your PC in the Cloud with Pogoplug software

Cloud storage experts Cloud Engines have released a brand new piece of software which lets you put the contents of your PC or laptop into the cloud, meaning you can access your files from anywhere.

The software is called Pogoplug, which is also an external hard drive cloud device made by the same company. The Pogoplug (and Pogoplug Pro) external hard drive works in the same way as the new software – the difference being you’re plugging in an external storage drive, whereas the software uses your computer’s internal hard drive.

Once you have the Pogoplug PC software installed you can begin to select which files you want to go into the Cloud. Once you’ve selected your files, you’ll be able to view them from anywhere via the web and a personalised login to Pogoplug’s website. You can even get apps for your iPhone or Android devices and view your files on the move.

Media is especially catered for with Pogoplug; there’s a Jukebox option for streaming your stored music files, “Cinema” for streaming video files and a Gallery for viewing back your pictures. It’s all very smooth and easy to use, and streaming your digital home music collection to your office laptop or smartphone on the go is fantastic.

Another huge bonus to the Pogoplug software is virtually unlimited storage. You’re not limited by an allocated amount online because your hard drive is where all the data is stored.

If you wish to view your files from elsewhere, eg; from your work PC or your smartphone on the go, you can upgrade to a premium service for $29. The apps for smartphones are still free, as is the software for your PC.

Why not save yourself the effort of buying a Wi-Fi hard drive, or creating a network hard drive when you can turn your own PC into one!

You can get the free software and give it a try at free.pogoplug.com

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