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Queen’s Christmas Speech to Appear for First Time as Transcript on Amazon Kindle eReader

For the first time in the history of the annual Queen’s Speech, her Maj will address the nation on Christmas Day both on the telly and radio – also in text form on Amazon’s popular eReader, the Kindle.

The basic £89 eReader is a top tip as one of this year’s must have gadgets, delivering thousands of digital publications including novels, reference books and magazines to the palm of our hands. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the Kindle to make itself known – as this year the Queen’s traditionally spoken speech will be made into a digital word copy for download on the Amazon reader, the transcript becoming available within minutes of the words leaving her lips.

Now the exciting part: Not only will you be able to read what the Royal Matriarch has to say about the year just passed, with mention undoubtedly to the wedding of Prince Wills and Kate Middleton, but the last fifty-eight Queen’s Speeches will also become available for British Royalists to re-read at any time through the reader gadget.

Gordon Willoughby, director of Kindle in Europe says “Millions of people across the UK, and the world, wait with anticipation to hear The Queen’s Christmas broadcast and we’re delighted to be able to make transcripts of Her Majesty’s annual addresses, past and present, available to download for free in less than 60 seconds”.

Okay, it’s not a great selling point if you haven’t already guaranteed yourself or a loved one the gift of a Kindle this year and there’s still time to grab an equally matched Kobo, which weighs in at only £69 at ASDA – but it’s good to see Amazon backing the National Spirit.

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