Raspberry Pi Now Available to Order in Multiples – Buy All The Pi!

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Those who eagerly pre-ordered a Raspberry Pi microcomputer months ago will have probably received their order by now, and some have even re-joined the queue to try and get another one.

Thankfully for those hoping to get their hands on more than one slice of Pi, the limitations of one per order are no more. Both RS Components and Premier Farnell are now able to accept multiple orders of the bargain basement computer, which costs just £26.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, who came up with the idea to encourage young people to develop and code software, recently posted the news via its blog. Production has been ramped up to lift the one per customer limit and now over 4000 boards are being made every day. With a focus on bringing cheap computing to classrooms and colleges across the UK, this is huge news.

We received our Pi some time back, but since ordering a second we’ve been waiting a good 10 weeks to receive it – a testament to the sheer popularity of this tiny computer.

We’re sure many, many more people will pick up a Raspberry Pi and start tinkering with it, and the Foundation knows this. It’s apparently just a few months away from launching a 5-megapixel camera accessory for the board, which we’ve seen previously in the testing stages. This camera will offer everything from webcamming to augmented reality, depending on who uses it.

So now the Raspberry Pi is open for general order, the question left is, will you buy one?

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