Re-Designed Slimilne Xbox 360 revealed and Xbox Live Gold rewards


At the start of the Microsoft E3 Keynote, MS have come straight out off the bat with a brand new update to its outgoing Xbox 360 console that will see the housold console get a slimmed down and updated look that will keep it inline with the incoming Xbox One.

There are no internal change sto the New look console apart form the design, which it now shares with the Xbox One, and the size. Microsoft promise that the new Xbox 360 will be “small, sleek, and quiet”.

Microsoft have also confirmed that whilst they will be focusing their attention on the new Xbox One, they wont be truening their back on the 360 as they have announced that they will still be releasing new titles for the 360 as well as updating the Xbox Live Gold membership to take on the PlayStation plus by offering Gold subscribers 2 free games permonth to download from Xbox Live.

The new look Gold membership will provide gamers with two free XBox 360 games a month and the first two games have already been announced, Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3 will both be available from the Xbox dashboard to downaload and keep forever for free.

Microsoft are currently on stage with a host of new games and Xbox One features to come.