REEL TO REAL ► Incredibly Accurate Real-Life War Machine Suit as Seen in “Iron Man”

The Gadget Helpline‘s REEL TO REAL is a new regular feature to the blog, aimed at tech and film fanatics, which will reveal how the sci-fi and futuristic gadgets we see on screen in movies and television are making their way into real-life. Take a seat, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

Avengers season is about to get into full swing, so in this week’s feature we thought we’d bring you something quote remarkable, straight from the pages of the Marvel Comics and big screen action of the Iron Man movies. A lifelong fan in his mid-twenties named Anthony Le has built a “real-life” War Machine suit based on the one seen on screen and worn by Tony Stark’s companion Jim Rhodes.

Complete with motorised opening face plate, illuminating ARC reactor chest piece and spinning faux Gatling gun and a dent-proof metallic covering amongst its incredibly accurate detailing. This is far beyond the imagination of any ton-foil clad cosplayer at comic-con. This is the real deal and when asked why War Machine – not Iron Man – Le says simply “it just looks more hardcore” – We’d have to agree!

Le, a fitness consultant by trade, found blueprint designs for the fictional War Machine suit online and thought he’d have a crack at making the high tech costume from scratch. It ended up taking one month to build the suit, cutting and shaping urethane plates for the armour and assembling them with over 1500 fixings. The helmet is formed from a liquid resin with metallic coating added for cosmetic effect.

A motorised mechanism was added to the mask to allow it to open by remote command in the suit’s chest when Le raises his arm the face responds to the gesture opening it up. There are LED lights added to the eyes and to the chest to make the ARC reactor in the chest plate glow adding an essential touch to the armour and the heavy artillery is, of course, purely imitated and is made from PVC pipes, attached to a motor and belt drive also controlled by a button hidden in the gloved palm.

There’s no real practical application to this suit, so we don’t see anyone saving the world in it. But if you’re a really dedicated cosplayer and you’re thinking you could make one of these incredible War Machine suits for yourself, it’ll cost you above $4000!

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