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Remote support your parents via AR App

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could remote support your parents and other elderly relatives?

Those with smart devices and elderly parents entering the digital age have something in common. While its great that your parents have joined in, its not so great if you have to visit them every other day to explain what to press on their TV remote in order to watch ‘the youtube’. ‘It just went off’ should no longer be an issue with this useful app.

While this app does not have the capability of say Teamviewer, it does give AR support which is great. Having a clear image on screen in front of you makes following instructions much easier than without. 

A number of android devices were tested in the office with different OS versions. Only the devices with the latest version of Android seem to be able to find the app on playstore. Version 7 cannot find the app at all on play.

  • App installs without issue.
  • After adding contacts and verifying your number you can either choose to view a contacts screen or send yours. This sends what the camera sees. It does not show your screen but the cameras view.
  • Once connection is achieved the user assisting can then draw directions etc to explain how to solve their elderly relatives tech issue.

Finally, helpful family members and friends can get a little peace. No need to worry so much about the phone ringing anymore with their relatives next tech issue!


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