Remotely Park Your Volkswagen With the Park4U iPhone App

Prepare to be wowed. Car part manufacturer Valeo has announced an iPhone app that will remotely park a car using touchscreen controls.

At the International Motor Show in Frankfurt this week, the company unveiled the next step for their Park4U technology. With Park4U you can fit your car with an automated control system and use a remote fob to park your car into tight spaces, but now there’s an iPhone app to replace the remote fob.

At the show a representative from Valeo park a brand new Volkswagen Sharan using both their remote fob and then the new, unreleased iPhone app. Onlookers were said to be amazed as they watched the car reverse and then turn to line up with the parking space using the existing Park4U control fob.

The demonstrator then whipped out an iPhone and opened the Park4U app which showed the car. The app will allow the user to control the accelerator and the brake in order to reverse or drive the car into a tight space.

Valeo have been making auto car parts for decades (I’m pretty sure most of my poor old Citroen Saxo is made up of their parts), but now they’re innovating automated products for the latest cars.

Their Park4U technology is already used in cars made by Volkswagen, Ford and Audi. The iPhone app and coupled remote technology in the car is currently a prototype, so we don’t know when we could see this stuff go on sale.

Check out the video below, we think you’ll agree it’s pretty awesome. Let us know what you think by adding a comment.

Via: 9to5mac