Renault launch FRENDZY concept car with Blackberry Playbook in Dashboard

We’ve given it a lot of thought before and it’s really something we think should happen: Media Tablets integrated in cars.

French car manufacturer Renault clearly shares our thinking, as they have just announced the FRENDZY electric concept car which has the new Blackberry Playbook tablet at the core of its dashboard.

RIM’s 7-inch Playbook tablet will plug in to the dashboard, giving the user access to web browsing, email and multimedia which can be played through the car’s sound system. How great would it be to slot your Playbook into your car’s dash and blast your tunes through the stereo, all while receiving your emails and BBM on the go!

Designer Laurens van den Acker is the mastermind behind the Renault FRENDZY and Blackberry Playbook partnership. His thinking was that the car would be perfect for local delivery men or craftsmen who would need the tablet for business purposes. It would serve as a point of contact, address book and even as a satellite navigation aid, all from the dashboard of the car.

We’d love to see the Renault FRENDZY become a reality, would you? Let us know what you think of the concept, and of tablet devices featuring in cars, by adding a comment below.



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