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How To: Repost Photos to Instagram

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Have you ever seen someone you follow on Instagram reposting a photo complete with credit to the source account but have no idea how to do this seemingly simple task yourself? We have and its rather frustrating that despite checking every option on the app there is no way of finding how it’s done.

Well, you’re not going blind. It’s actually because there is no native option to repost another person’s photo in the Instagram app – but we’ve found some other apps that can help!

There are a number of free and ad supported apps to choose from for Android and iOS devices which will do the job but for example sake we’ve chosen Repost for Instagram which is available for both:

Repost for Instagram on Google Play

Repost for Instagram on App Store

Once downloaded and installed, find the application which will be named as Repost on your smartphone or tablet and open it.

You’ll be asked to log in using your Instagram username and password and accept a few permissions which allow the app to access your photos and personal data associated with your account.

Once in, you’ll be presented with something that looks and navigates like the actual Instagram app with a feed of your followers’ most recent photo posts as well as the ability to search for users  or hashtags.

When you find something you like and want to share on your own account, tap the image to open it fully and underneath you’ll find some statistics for how many likes and comments the picture has (which you cannot view in full on this app) and next to that a Repost button which you’ll need to hit.

You’ll be offered some very basic editing options that allow you to rotate the repost banner and to change it so the repost/source name is either white on black or black on white. Once happy, hit repost again at the bottom.

This transports you into the real Instagram app where you can go through with any more in depth filtering you might fancy to improve the image to your liking before moving onto the final step which allows you to edit the pre-prepared caption with the source account named and the text from the original post.

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Click the tick and the repost is complete. Go to your Instagram feed or profile to see it in all its stolen glory!