Retro Replay: Google Brings Back Atari Classic ‘Breakout’ as Search Engine Easter Egg!

Prepare for Google to blast a hole in your productivity this morning with a super-cool and colourful homage to Atari arcade classic ‘Breakout’ which is now 37 years old!

The game Breakout was the successor to Pong and featured a similar paddle and ball concept but replaced the opponent with a wall of blocks which the player must clear by using quick reaction and skill to break out (as the title suggests!) Breakout hit arcades in 1976 as well as reaching early consoles and home computers such as the Apple II. And co-incidentally the game was co-designed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak with the system in mind.

Breakout is as addictive as ever and today internet giant Google has stuck an ‘easter egg’ into its popular search engine that allows you to enjoy the game once more – right at your desk or on your laptop!

Simply bring up the Google homepage and use the search terms ‘Atari Breakout’ in images and watch as the results reposition before your very eyes to form a familiar brick wall – but be quick to grab that mouse and act fast as the retro action starts NOW!