RIM reports 1 million new Blackberry users in 3 weeks

Despite reports of poor sales and slipping down the smartphone rankings, Blackberry manufacturer RIM have just boasted a huge 1 million new subscribers in the EMEA region.

The smartphone manufacturer announced on Twitter: “Pow! @Blackberry continues momentum across EMEA with 1 million+ new subscribers added in less than 3 weeks”

We’ve recently heard reports that RIM’s share in the US smartphone market has fallen, with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC overtaking them for 3rd place in the biggest manufacturer stakes.

It would seem that Blackberry and their QWERTY smartphones are most favoured in Europe, Middle East and Africa, otherwise known as the EMEA region. Over one million new customers have purchased Blackberry handsets in the last 3 weeks – quite an impressive feat we feel.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 is on its way to the UK on September 15th in both Black and White versions. RIM is hoping this mobile is their game changer; it’s the thinnest and fastest Blackberry smartphone yet, packing the traditional QWERTY keyboard with a touchscreen and 5MP camera. You can read more about the Blackberry Bold 9900 here.



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