Legendary actor Robin Williams appears in new “Legend of Zelda” ads

Hollywood star Robin Williams is now back on screen in a series of adverts promoting the launch of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 3DS. Also appearing in the clips is his daughter Zelda. And yes, she’s actually named after the game – proving the actor is no doubt a fan of the Nintendo classic!

The Legend of Zelda saga celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and gets some truly legendary backing with Williams, the comedic star of movies such as Hook and Jumanjii – his voice has also been famously used in movies such as Aladdin and Robots. In one of the Zelda promos the inimitable tones of the actor are heard narrating over a sequence of hero Link’s 3D adventures through the Hyrule Kingdom, before being pulled back to reality by his daughter who accuses the now heavily-bearded jokester of confusing her with the other Zelda!

It’s an amusing and touching advert, and it’s not really any surprise that Williams would back the epic 3DS title. His enjoyment of fantasy and role-play gaming is kept as no secret, with him previously confessing to hours of World of Warcraft play. This spawning from his keen fandom of classic table-toppers Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer and the advert claims the Williams have been “Fans of Zelda since 1987”.

Williams is also a tech-savvy celeb. He has previously performed stand-up at the Consumer Electronics Show back in 2006, as part of the keynote for Google and has appeared at the E3 conference in 2009.

Williams isn’t the only Hollywood funnyman currently backing our gadgets – Russell Brand becomes face of HP TouchPad launch!

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