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Royal Wedding to hit iTunes moments after ceremony

The Big Day is two weeks away and with the Royal Wedding approaching what piece of unusual memorabilia will joining the commemorative plates of grinning Wills and Kate?

Well, excitable Royalists will be overjoyed to discover that they will be able to relive the ceremony again and again when it becomes the first Royal Wedding available for download on iTunes!

Long-established classical recording company Decca will be putting up the digital audio download of the Royal Wedding to iTunes minutes after the ceremony ends at Westminster Abbey on April 29th and then this will become available on May 5th as a physical CD disc (remember them?) . The CD comes with an accompanying booklet which nans everywhere will love.

President of Decca Records, Dickon Stainer (*giggle*) said: “This will be the first Official Royal Wedding Album ever to enter the worldwide digital charts. It will capture a piece of history for a new generation”.

As well as the full exchanging of vows, musical accompaniment will be supplied by The Choir of Westminster Abbey, The Chapel Royal Choir, The London Chamber Orchestra and The Fanfare Team from the Central Band of the Royal Air Force – Which is nice.

Decca are the company behind the Royal recording and have previously cashed in from the Windsors with “soundtracks” of the nuptials between Charles and Diana and tastelessly the audio from Princess Di’s funeral, but they do declare £1 from each album purchased will go to a charity.

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