Rumour: Samsung’s ‘Project J’ is the Galaxy S4, ASUS Transformer rival in the works

New rumours coming from an insider source may have given away some of Samsung’s secrets, revealing possible plans for three new products coming in 2013.

We all know the inevitable; Samsung will launch a fourth flagship Galaxy S smartphone next year, no doubt to even more hype than this year’s already top-selling Galaxy SIII. So it’s hardly a secret that the Korean company will launch a Galaxy SIV or 4, although Sammobile claims to know a little more about the phone.

Samsung is referring to the top secret phone as ‘Project J’, and plans to reveal it in April of next year. We’ve heard rumours of a larger 5-inch Full HD display, quad-core processor and a 13-megapixel rear camera, although the site’s “insider source” could not confirm this, only that the phone is to be referred to as ‘Project J.

The company went to extreme lengths to keep the phone a secret until the day of launch including putting the hardware into bland and shapeless dummy cases and even moving the phone around in heavy duty locked boxes, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the new project was even more secretive.

In addition to Project J, the same site’s source claims that Samsung has plans to rival ASUS’ Transformer tablets. A 13.3-inch tablet with a netbook-sized QWERTY keyboard dock is said to be in the works to do battle with ASUS’ range, although the source couldn’t confirm which operating system Samsung would be using. In theory either Android or Windows 8 could be possible – or a different version of the device for each, as ASUS does with the Transformer Pad and VivoTab ranges.

Finally, Samsung is said to be looking to launch a more affordable version of the Galaxy Note II. The powerhouse has everything but the kitchen sink inside, and as such it’s a pretty pricey device. Samsung’s plan is to get more people using mobile devices with larger screens, and so the rumour is that it will launch a cheaper version of the Note II in Europe next year. The source claims that the S Pen will be removed and the screen will not be a Super AMOLED panel, in order to keep the price down.

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Via: Sammobile