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Rumours spill over Apple TV and the introduction of Siri

If rumours of a newly discovered code string are to be believed, Siri could soon be coming to Apple TV.

Commonly found on most Apple iPhones and iPads, Siri is a virtual assistant activated by the users voice. Siri can be used for a variety of tasks from finding out when your next train is, to making appointments and setting reminders.

Rumours have been rife for a while about Apple TV featuring Siri and with other companies with similar products, namely LG and Amazon’s Fire TV; it would make sense for them to incorporate a voice assistant feature.


Apple has tried to cover up the existence of the smart voice feature in their code by naming it “Assistant” instead of Siri, and using the number “3” to describe Apple TV as they have previously done in other codes.  However 9to5Mac has recently discovered the code string, confirming its existence, and outing Apples big secret.

Since the current Apple TV doesn’t feature a microphone, it isn’t likely that the feature will be added via an update as it doesn’t have the hardware capabilities. It’s not yet clear if Apple will introduce Siri with a whole new TV system, or just a microphone embedded in the remote. More probable would be a whole new device and remote, as it will all be better designed for the smart voice feature.

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Last month Amazon launched its own set top box rival in the form of the Amazon Fire TV unit which is based on the Android OS and amongst other features, has Voice enabled searches thanks to a handy microphone built into the remote.

If rumours are anything to go by, Apple are definitely in the process of bringing out a new Apple TV, with the primary focus being apps and games, as well as introducing the new Siri feature.