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Sainsbury’s Partners With U.S Company Rovi For Streaming TV & Movie Service

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has bagged a deal with the Rovi Corporation to deliver up-to-date DVD and Blu-Ray releases including some of our favourite films and telly programmes as streaming digital content on our beloved home gadgets.

The service through this new partnership will provide a service which instantly rings similarities to the one recently set up by rival supermarket Tesco and Blinkbox with streaming digital copies of any DVD or Blu-Ray ‘physically’ purchased.

The Sainsbury’s / Rovi scheme will touch down first on PCs and laptop via a web based store but will soon extend to tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs, game consoles and other platforms before the year is out.

Most of us are familiar with Sainsbury’s but Rovi is a mostly unknown quantity to us Brits. They are in fact an American company dedicated to digital content and interactive features. The company holds a vast library of information on movies and television shows and provides this data to U.S companies and retailers such as Best Buy.

Making movies and TV content available online continues Sainsbury’s push into the digital download market after already offering up music downloads and e-book purchases through its online superstore and Sainsbury’s recognises the nature evolution of digital entertainment and in a statement says “On demand streaming video is an exciting addition to our existing online offerings, and supports our customers as they progress from consuming content on physical disc to accessing their favourite entertainment on a range of devices, where and when they choose.”

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