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Samsung 5 Series Chromebook UK release date revealed

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Ready to jump completely into the land of the cloud? The first commercially available laptop to run Google’s Chrome OS is ready to hit UK stores and will go on sale this Friday (June 24th) via Amazon and PC World.

The Samsung 5 Series is the first Chromebook to launch in the UK, following Google’s initial Chrome developer laptop – the CR-48. It’ll be available in WiFi-only or WiFi and 3G, and will be  followed by Chromebooks from Acer in the near future.

Chromebooks run the Chrome OS in an online-only state. All your data and info is stored securely online, which means that if you are to lose or upgrade them, you don’t lose anything. The fact that there’s very little to load from the machine itself also gifts incredibly quick start up times, but there is a downside: you need to have a web connection at all times to stop the devices from turning into large paperweights.

It’s a new way of looking at computing, but one that Google will want to catch on with the more casual computer user. “We believe we can give a far simpler experience using nothing but the web,” says Chrome’s VP Sundar Pichai.

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