Samsung to free up more Galaxy S4 internal storage after Watchdog investigation

Since its recent launch there has been a growing number of people complaining about the lack of internal storage available on the Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone is sold as having 16GB of memory, but thanks to the OS and Samsung’s impressive amount of apps and features, there’s only really around 9GB available to the user.

This issue brought about an investigation by BBC TV show Watchdog, which aired last night in the UK. Samsung has since changed its stance on the issue and is now promising to free up some more of that internal memory by way of software updates.

When speaking to CNET, Samsung confirmed it would work towards improving the issue for customers; “we are reviewing the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimisation,”

Most Android smartphones tend to offer less storage than is actually advertised, which tends to be something that’s accepted as the OS and apps need to be stored there. A case has been made of Samsung’s new flagship simply because it oversteps the mark when it comes to missing storage – almost half seems to be too much.

As the company looks to provide a solution for unhappy customers who have lost out on internal memory to Samsung’s plethora of apps and services, Google seems to have offered a solution. The company last night announced a ‘Google Edition’ of the GS4 which runs stock Android. With this there will be far more internal memory available as stock Android is Android in its simplest form, but unfortunately the phone is only available in the US.