Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Confirmed for Carphone Warehouse

It has been revealed that Carphone Warehouse will indeed be stocking the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge as it becomes available.

The news was revealed when a copy of the Carphone Warehouse’s intranet was sent to Pocket-Lint. This is where stores would get their information on new handset releases prior to receiving the units as stock ready to sell in their stores.

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As tradition dictates, nearing the launch of any handset there are speculations and rumours regarding pre-order dates and prices; the Note Edge is no exception. There were rumours that the handset would be available for pre-order on 14th November but this didn’t come to fruition. A more reliable speculation seems to be the more recent, where by the handset would become available in the UK for the 28th November, which judging by the leaked picture, is far more likely. Pricing and network operators however are yet to be speculated.

With the Galaxy Note Edge packed with features, it’s no wonder the handset is aimed at “Returning Samsung Galaxy Note family customers and tech savvy consumers,” as the leaked article suggests to staff who will be promoting the device.

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Unveiled at IFA 2014 in September alongside the Note 4 the Note Edge has a wrap around 5.6-inch Super AMOLED screen where the side provides a discrete bar specifically for notifications. This means the user can see if they have a text or email without having to lift a finger. The front camera is 3.7MP and has a F1.9 lens; while the rear a 16MP Smart OIS back camera to provide you the best results even in dark backdrops.

Source: Pocket-Lint,

Via: Samsung