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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Released in U.S Next Friday

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Samsung has been at the forefront of developing curved LED screen technology for a number of years but we’ve yet to see the results of this research applied to a consumer ready smartphone. That is until now, when the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is finally going on sale in the United States on November the 14th.

The innovative new addition to the popular Galaxy Note range was introduced at the IFA event in Berlin in September and just like its predecessors the display on this model is a beast. But if a 5.9-incher isn’t handful enough the Note Edge introduced a partially wraparound touch surface to allow most frequently used features to be accessible from along the side edge of the phablet (hence the name Edge.)

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As well as bringing in an extra screen area for relocation of app icons and features such as a stopwatch, torch and time, the social notifications and incoming text messages will also flash up at the side of the handset instead of at the top, allowing the front surface area to be dedicated for more productive purposes such as uninterrupted full screen YouTube videos while the side area delivers all the information at a glance. The side touch surface will also present clever tricks for native apps, for example offering a shutter button when in camera mode.

The stand out feature of the Galaxy Note Edge is of course its flexed 5.9-inch Super AMOLED HD touchscreen complimented by a chunky new S-Pen stylus but the handset is also loaded with Samsung’s usual array of top standard specs including Android 4.4 as operating system, 2.7GHz quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM with 32GB or 64GB storage options expandable with SD card slot. Camera specs include 3.7-megapixels up front and 16-megapixels main shooter with auto focus.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is released on contract through AT&T in the U.S from next Friday, 14th November. No news yet on a UK release but we think one might be just around the bend.