Samsung Galaxy S5 Sales Double That of Galaxy S4 Already!

Samsung has struck (amber!) gold with the launch of the Galaxy S5, as the smartphone has sold double that of the S4 on its first day alone. People were queuing down streets to be one of the first to get their hands on the flagship android phone and not just in this country! The Dutch city of Rotterdam revealed long lines for the launch; SamMobile had posted a few pictures on Twitter.

In pre-orders alone the S5 out did the S4, with Phones4u saying it was “significantly” outnumbered. On the actual release the number of handsets sold was said to be a record.

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A spokesperson talking to The Korea Times stated: “Against earlier expectations, the S5 was well-received by consumers in the global market. We don’t have any plans to advise our big clients to unload their Samsung stock,”

The Galaxy S5 packs some impressive features such as a 1080p screen and a Snapdragon 801 processor, as well as the all new waterproofing and fingerprint scanner. All this designed to entice the consumers, old and new. And boy does it seem to have worked!

Phones 4u weren’t the only ones to feel the flurry of sales; The Carphone Warehouse also reported huge sales of the flagship phone saying: “Sales for the new Samsung smartphone are up 150 per cent since launch day versus sales for the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the same period last year.”

Samsung shipped 63 million Galaxy S4 units overall since take-off last year, not bad going. The S5 is already planning to have distributed 35 million handsets by the end of the second quarter, a far higher mark-up than that of its predecessor. Samsung are obviously impressed with the phones performance and are showing confidence in its ability to sell.

All in all it’s pretty impressive considering the market saturation, and different manufacturers offering similar products. The fight appears to be won, but is definitely not over.