Samsung Galaxy SIII 4.1.2 update released bringing Note 2 features

Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone the Galaxy SIII is getting set to receive another update to its OS, this time in the form of Android 4.1.2, but the update is looking to be much bigger than the incremental changes we were expecting.

Leaked details of a Polish version of the software have come online, revealing that the Galaxy S3 is looking set to receive a few features from its bigger brother the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

First up and possibly the biggest is that the update will bring the split screen app function that is on the Note II that lets you have more than one app on screen at a time for an enhanced multi-tasking experience.

It’s something that has been a major selling point of the Note 2 since its release, but with the initial sales of the phone out of the way Samsung is looking set to bring the multi-screen function to more phones.

The feature is simple enough but the extra functionality it offers by allowing you to use two apps at the same time by just snapping apps to the top and bottom of the screen, taking multitasking to another level.

Additionally, the update will bring:

  • Multi-View which lets you have several true multitasking windows open at the same time
  • Page Buddy – dedicated home screen pages that become visible only on certain events, such as plugging in a set of headphones or a dock
  • The Note II’s gallery app
  • Smart Rotation
  • Group Cast
  • Paper Artist
  • Customisable notification panel
  • Continuous Input

The Page Buddy feature will allow you to associate specific pages to an action on the phone, e.g. if you plug in a set of headphones, a specific page screen will display customisable options, so you could set for example the Spotify app to load.

The Gallery will see an update to the same style as the Note II, plus a customisable notification panel, swipe input for the keyboard and the updated smart rotation which should put an end to all those miss-judged auto rotations when you are lying down or using the phone at an angle.

The update has started in Poland using the over the air system and is reported to be making a break to the rest of the world in the next few weeks.

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