Samsung Galaxy SIII Incompatible With Current MHL Cables and Adaptors

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If you were hoping to hook up your shiny new Galaxy SIII to a big screen TV, you might need to go out and buy a brand new cable or adaptor in order for it to work.

UK retailer Clove has discovered that the phone is incompatible with older Samsung-made Micro USB MHL adaptors. This is due to Samsung changing the pin layout within the Micro USB socket located on the bottom of the new flagship handset.

Several smartphones now feature either a Micro or Mini HDMI port, although Samsung favours the MHL method, which involves connecting an adaptor to the Micro USB port on the phone. This adaptor offers a full sized HDMI socket on the other end, which then allows you to mirror your phone’s screen on your TV.

Because of this problem, Clove says that S3 owners will need to splash out on Samsung’s new MHL adaptor which has been designed to work with the phone specifically. It retails for around £25 in the UK and $40 in the US, which doesn’t include the HDMI cable.

It’s a strange move, and one that may cause grief amongst customers who previously shelled out around the same amount for Samsung’s previous MHL adaptors. The Galaxy S2 used a similar adaptor, so we can envision a lot of S2 to S3 upgraders left in the lurch with an unusable accessory.

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Via: Clove

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