Virtual reality is this year’s secondary ‘big thing’ behind the new wave of smart wearable watches, and various gadget creators are already making their mark on this cutting edge new technology area. We’ve seen Google Glass, Sony’s Smart Glasses and also their Project Morpheus… and of course the exciting and highly experimental Oculus Rift.

As you can see the Galaxy Note 4 fits snugly into the Gear VR.

Of course, the big mobile phone manufacturers aren’t trailing far behind, with the announcement of a final price for Samsung’s Gear VR, a headset which allows one to plug in their Galaxy Note 4 (an upcoming device from Samsung) to a virtual reality headpiece to use as a display.

Of course, one will have to purchase the Galaxy Note 4 first, and unfortunately Samsung hasn’t been forthcoming on the price of that device just yet, as is expected since tech companies rarely release pricing info prior to an official announcement and unveiling.

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Anyway, the price of the Samsung Gear VR, verified by a Samsung representative this week at New York Fashion Week, is allegedly $200 – around £120. The device still requires a PC connection to play games, but at this price does trump some predicted pricings for the Oculus Rift,

The Galaxy Note 4 free from the VR.

Samsung hasn’t revealed that figure to be accurate through any sort of official channels, but as a ballpark figure this sounds okay, although the combined price of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Gear VR together may steer virtual reality fans towards an equivalent with more advanced technology or a cheaper model.

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The combined functionality of the Galaxy Note 4 phablet and the Gear VR may be a boon to those who want their money to get them a bit more utility from such a complicated device, as neither Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus can boast the ability to disconnect a fully functioning phablet from their device and walk away with it to use in other, non VR applications.

Whilst the major competing devices have not yet seen any sort of pricing, the Samsung Gear VR seems like both an interesting and risky investment if better tech comes around for a similar price. That said, the companion Galaxy Note 4 is meant to be a very cool device.

Source: Venturebeat 

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