Samsung and Jeremy return, with Oreos, to tease the Galaxy S 4 again

Samsung and that creepy little kid Jeremy are back, ready to tease the world with yet another short clip ahead of the Galaxy S 4 unveiling that’s due to take place on Thursday in New York.

Last week the Korean tech company revealed the first teaser video, which didn’t tease much. We saw a suited young man rock up at Samsung’s offices and collect a mysterious white box and take it home. The only real question it left us asking was “how does such a young boy get such a well-paid job?”

Well, now our Jezza has returned home with the box, via chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce of course. This time the little fella takes a peek in the box and is almost blinded by a bright light coming from inside. Whatever is inside is “unreal” and “beautiful”, and not to mention, Jeremy’s favourite colour.

Interestingly he notes the colour whilst also looking at a deconstructed Oreo in his hands – perhaps hinting at black and white versions of the phone, yet again.

Of course, we’re still going to have to wait until Thursday to see the phone. The video ends with a hint that there will be another in the series before then, so perhaps we’ll learn more nearer to the time. Take a look at this cheesy vid and let us know if you think you spot any clues!