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Samsung to launch new Galaxy Note 8.0 at Mobile World Congress

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Rumblings of an 8-inch Galaxy Note tablet have been well and truly confirmed by none other than Samsung President JK Shin, who has let the proverbial cat out of the bag ahead of next month’s Mobile World Congress.

There has been quiet talk of a second Galaxy Note tablet recently to join last year’s Galaxy Note 10.1, and we’re now certain that such a product will be revealed by Samsung next month. The tablet will feature an 8-inch screen and will continue with the Note tradition of using an S Pen stylus to appeal to everyone from gamers to artists to business types.

iNews24 reports that JK Shin has confirmed himself that an 8-inch Note tablet was on the way;

“The 8-inch Galaxy Note will be released from MWC,” said Shin, thus confirming rumours of a Galaxy Note 7.7. While it seems that the product will be known as the 8-inch Galaxy Note, it’s unclear as to whether the screen size will be precisely 8-inches diagonally, or the 7.7-inches that has been rumoured.

Asides from screen size and the fact that it definitely exists, we know little else about the product. It’s suspected that the resolution will be 1280 x 800, and so will sport a HD resolution, which should make it ideal for gaming and movies.

We’ll be bringing you all the latest news from MWC as it happens next month, so stay tuned for the official line on the Galaxy Note 10.1’s little brother.