Samsung introduce new 32GB Class 10 Micro SD card

Samsung have just announced the production of their latest MicroSD card, the new 32GB Class 10 which supports advanced data transfer rates.

Let’s face it, as the gadgets we use, such as our smartphones, camera, camcorders MP3 players etc. get more advanced, there is obviously a need for not only larger storage capacity, but also advanced performance as well.

So this is where the new 20-nanometer class of MicroSD card from Samsung steps in. Being a Class 10 device, this will ensure seamless data storage and transfer rate of 12MB/s write speed and 24MB/s read speeds, allowing content such as HD video to be quickly recorded to the card, which provides users with more than double the current read/write speed of a Class 4 rated 32GB card.

Samsung have also announced the mass production of the new 64GB 3-bit NAND designed MicroSD card which should be arriving sometime next year as well.

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