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Samsung are making the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone for Google

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It’s become common knowledge that Google employ a major mobile phone manufacturer to create a flagship smartphone for their major Android software releases. The last one was the Samsung Nexus S which carried Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and before that it was the Nexus One, manufactured by HTC and carrying Android 2.1 (Eclair).

Well, it’s now looking very likely that Google are sticking with Samsung to create the next flagship Android smartphone, which will carry Ice Cream Sandwich. BGR are quoting an anonymous source who has confirmed to them that the next Nexus smartphone will feature a ‘Super AMOLED HD’ screen. Super AMOLED is Samsung’s branding for their ultra-bright, ultra-sharp mobile phone screen panels, so it seems almost certain that the next Nexus will be made by Samsung.

BGR also confirmed that the Super AMOLED HD display will rock an astounding 720p resolution as well as an ‘OMAP4460’ processor. Not content with giving away one snippet of information, BGR’s source also said the device could launch as the “Google Nexus Prime”.

Ice Cream Sandwich will be the next major version of Android for smartphones, and will be classed as version 4.0. It was officially announced by Google themselves at this year’s I/O developer conference. Google confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich will be a mixture of Gingerbread and Honeycomb – an OS designed for use on all platforms.

We’re pretty convinced by the information provided here and it certainly wouldn’t be too far-fetched for Google to ask Samsung to make the next Nexus smartphone, especially after the cracking job they did with the Samsung Nexus S.

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[spoiler]Via: BGR[/spoiler]