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Samsung reveals new eight core Exynos5 processor – Designed for the Galaxy S4?

The first piece of the Galaxy S4 puzzle may have just slotted into place, with Samsung revealing its newest and most powerful mobile processor – the octa-core Exynos5.

Samsung’s current Galaxy SIII rocks a powerful quad-core Exynos chip, and with talk of other companies developing octa-core (that’s eight whole processing cores) chips, it’s a logical step for Samsung to put one in its next flagship smartphone.

The new chip is built on a new 28nm process with two sets of four cores to provide more power than ever before for mobile devices. Samsung reckons the new chip will yield big performance improvements over previous chips, which were still blazing fast, so things are certainly sounding promising.

Asides from raw power, the new chip is said to be very battery-friendly. A new power saving mode designed by Samsung will supposedly see the next generation of smartphones lasting longer from a single charge, which is always welcome. It works by reducing the processor power as far as possible when your phone is in standby mode and in your pocket, bumping up the power to suit how you’re using the device.

Samsung hasn’t revealed any devices that will be using its new processor just yet, although we can bet some of its higher-end smartphones due to come out later in the year will benefit from it. Logically the Note II and Galaxy SIII, both quad-core Exynos phones, will evolve to be octa-core beasts with Samsung’s new processor. We can’t wait to find out what’s in store, can you?