Samsung Shutting the Lid on Netbooks for Good in 2012?

Samsung Netbooks look to be on the way out in 2012, following declining interest after 4 years in service.

The Netbook came about as a smaller, lightweight and cost effective alternative to the Notebook in 2007. From a number of manufacturers with sizes ranging from 5” up to 12” and supporting operating systems for Linux and Windows. Toward 2009 some wireless networks in the States started offering excesses of Samsung’s Netbook stock free of charge to contract upgraders, indicating that the gadget’s tenure was coming to an end.

Two years, later and Samsung has allegedly sent a message out to investors and business partners talking about a ‘new 2012 strategy’ dropping the Netbook and continuing its Intel-packing Ultrabook range of 11.6” and 12” laptops which measure up comparably to Apple’s current Macbook Air. The message indicates that Samsung is aware that the days of portable personal computers are passing, and tablets are the way forward. The company is currently enjoying success for its Galaxy Tab in 10.1” and 8.9” versions, both supporting Google’s Android platform.

Acer, ASUS, Dell and HP are among the manufacturers continuing to push the Netbook as a viable platform in the rapidly changing 21st century tech-landscape.

(At this time Samsung are yet to make an “official” statement on the contents of the message to partners regarding the future of its Netbook).

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