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Samsung Topples Nokia as the World’s Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturer

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After a 14 year reign Nokia has finally been toppled as the world’s leading mobile phone maker and a new king is born. Hail to Samsung, who according to new figures is reportedly the world’s leading phone manufacturer, which is the first time since 1998 that Nokia has not claimed the crown.

Nokia has been sat in the hot seat since way back in 1998 after it had toppled the then mighty Motorola to become the bestselling manufacturer, but many may have questioned the on-going sales in the past few years with Nokia continually struggling.

However Nokia’s top spot has normally been secured by its worldwide sales, especially of the budget and lower end handsets across the globe.

It would now seem that Samsung’s mega success with its new brand of Galaxy smartphones has finally taken hold of the Finnish manufacturer and has removed the crown from Nokia’s head.

Samsung seems to be the one company (apart from Apple) that has seen a rejuvenation in the past years in terms of sales, with an incredible 93.5 million handsets sold in the first quarter of 2012, which equates to a massive 36% increase on last year and giving the company a 25.4 per cent overall share of the market.

Nokia, however, is not completely out of the race as they have sold a reported 82.7 million devices, which equates to a 22.5% share of the market. Plus, Nokia has a new range of champion handsets to take on the Samsung Galaxy range in the western world with the new Nokia Lumia 900, 800,  and 710 being released all running Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS.

Nokia Lumia 610 Range

Nokia is backing up it’s trio of top-notch phones with future handsets for the all-important emerging markets (such as India and Asia) including the budget Nokia Lumia 610 smartphone.

Apple has slotted into third place in the overall market with its smartphone-only demographic not making big sales in the emerging markets. The Cupertino Company still has a bankable 9.5 per cent share of the market which is amazing considering the fact the company only really sells 3 devices out of 5 that have been released.

Meanwhile, Samsung is gearing up to back up its year by reportedly releasing the Samsung Galaxy SIII in the coming weeks, which is the hottest and most anticipated smartphone of the year. The SGS3 should re-affirm why Samsung is on top and we are sure that now Sammy is on the throne it won’t give up the seat easily.

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