Samsung Windows Phone Mango device on its way

It looks like Samsung are intending on leading the pack when Windows Phone Mango is released later this year.

At the moment this new Samsung device is going under the name of SGH-i937, but knowing Samsung as we do it will more than likely go under something a little different at the time of release.

The news of this new Samsung device comes from WMPowerUser, which has reported the Samsung SGH-i937 is now ‘showing up on the Bluetooth SIG’.

The report then continues: ‘We know this is a Windows Phone 7 Mango handset for two reasons- 1) It has the exact same Bluetooth profile as the Mango Windows Phone 7 stack and 2) The device has shown up on Occasional Gamers list of Windows Phone 7 handsets running its games.’

That’s really all we know about the reported Mango handset, however there are rumours that it is going to be very similar to the Galaxy S II, in both looks and specifications. This would make it one of, if not the most powerful, WP7 handset available – that is unless Nokia are planning on releasing a monster of a WP7 phone when they start releasing their own devices.

It is hard to see anyone coming above Samsung with a new device considering the popularity they have within the mobile world at the moment.