Scams And Malware Apps – Are You Safe?

Here at the Gadget Helpline we like to make sure every one of you is as safe as you can be. Using our mobile devices for nothing other than call and texts is a thing of the past, we now do everything on our smart phones from browsing the web and purchasing a gift to checking your internet banking on the go.

The problem is that as our smartphones get smarter so does the way in which we are targeted. You will in the same way as a PC find a smartphone can be affected by a malware infection. This could come in the form of an app that has not been downloaded from a secure place, it could even be an app designed to look like something else. The problem is the people who make this malware want to get your information.

Asides from malware there are scams. Like I said, this can come in the form of an app designed to look like something else. You must beware when viewing your banking on a mobile device, make sure if its an app you are using it has came from the correct place and otherwise make sure it is a secure network you are on.

This goes for all mobile devices; if you have jailbroken your iPhone be careful the apps you are getting from Cydia and other places, and Android .apks can be downloaded from many places when just doing a quick Google search. Always try to get your apps from the correct places like the Apple app store or the Android market.

You can also get some security apps on your devices, for example I use the AVG Android app for my security needs. The app will do a scan of all my applications and info on my phone and memory card and tell me if there is a malicious app present.

Never download a hacked or cracked app, even if its free. The app could have been modified to contain malware and could collect your info without you even knowing it.

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