Security Precaution & The Hard Truth About Your Digital Data

Security precaution after security precaution will, maybe, give you a little piece of mind. What it will not do is keep your information completely safe. If somebody wants your information it will be stolen. There is no precaution you can take that will stop real hackers getting to all of your information. If they are using state of the art tools then your information is free for the taking.

This is the hard truth.

So, you may ask, what is the point?  Well, there is a point here. The point is that you must be aware that your information is susceptible to others with bad intentions.

Therefore, with this in mind you will be more inclined to give them as little as possible.

Security Precaution – A Few Suggestions

There are ways to give less information, unfortunately, it is a bitter pill to swallow.

Use social media less. There are still options out there that give you almost complete privacy with full encryption.  The age of uploading everything about your life on the regular is possibly over. Small encrypted rooms are the new norm. These almost feel like your own living room with a few friends over.

Remove your details from all sites you frequent. Do the same on your devices. If a social media site will not allow you to use it without specific information about you its probably not worth using. Before the internet the most someone may know about you socially was your first name. Usually, this was given first, say, in a pub for example.

Do not allow any browser or app to store your details for speed of access. If it takes a few seconds longer to write that search or enter those private details then this is much safer. This means that information is not being stored somewhere on your device.

Use online banking as little as possible.  Hard today, we know. If you really must then make sure you use 2FA. Having to enter a pin and pattern on every app can be a chore but its is worth it for the added layer of security.

Look into ways of keeping your finances in a private form. There are many of these out there if you do diligent research. There are also many ways to transfer funds in a private transaction. Again, this can be found with a little research.

So, unfortunately, if someone wants to, they can have complete access to your device. There are software packages out there that are fully capable of doing this.


Never forget privacy is not just for criminals. We are all entitled to it. Privacy is not the bogeyman.

Thus, in the same way you do not want people staring at you when you are bathing, you should not expect others to want to see your communications.

The old idiom of ‘but i have nothing to hide’ are the words usually spoken by the ignorant. Those who believe this have really not thought through the words they have just spoken.

Metaphorically, dark skies are easily formed above us if we allow them to be. Look after yourselves out there.

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