Sega bring Mario and Sonic to the London 2012 Olympic Games

Gaming legends Mario and Sonic and their hugely popular Olympic escapades will long-jump to a London-themed fantasy world this year in celebration for the 2012 games – when a new series of sporty challenges come to Nintendo Wii and 3DS consoles.

Despite being announced at the end of April, it’s only now that some visuals have popped up showing off Sega’s sequel to the party-pleasing “Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Games” which was launched on Wii back in 2007 and became the “Best Wii Game” of that year, followed up by an equally popular Winter Games sequel.

The Nintendo and Sega gaming icons and their pals reunite for a third time for the “ the London 2012 Olympic Games” title, set for release in time for this Christmas. Nintendo have packed in lots of scenery and familiar sights from our capital such as Big Ben, Greenwich Park and even red London buses.

11 of the 31 sites where the actual games will be played out will be reimagined for Wii and 3DS, with the game set to feature a series of brand new activities across the platforms including Judo, Balance Beam, Kayaking, Swimming and Race Walking. Each version of the game will utilise the unique features of the individual platforms’ controller systems.

Not one for the serious gamer but no doubt this London-based addition to the very popular franchise will be a great play. Just don’t question why Sonic, a Hedgehog, is taller than Mario, a human plumber. Or why Yoshi, a dinosaur, is seen riding a horse!

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