Send to Kindle Button Arrives For News Websites and Blogs

Amazon has announced that its ‘Send to Kindle’ button which can currently be found on Google Play has become available for web based news sources and blogs such as TIME and The Washington Post.

The feature involves adding some relevant coding which pops the button into an article or web document and when properly implemented this button will appear allowing readers to send the item to their Kindle reader or Android / iOS / BlackBerry app for reading on the popular eBook platform later on.

The button is versatile and customizable with font, colour and size so it can be set up to suit the theme of your blog and can be appropriately positioned and but the coding does take a little getting used and can look a little daunting to you if you’re a html novice.

This is ideal for readers who are just browsing headlines and want to stock up a few interesting reads for later and also for writers and editors who want to capitalise on the increasing trend of digital editions and the popularity of the Kindle platform.

A number of websites have already slapped a ‘Send to Kindle’ button onto their website and Amazon offers coding information and a straight forward explanation on its website. WordPress users will now find that ‘Send to Kindle’ is available as a Plug In and can be installed today with a range of options available within the setting on the dashboard.

For more on Amazon’s ‘Send to Kindle’ button and its use for readers and webpage owners visit Amazon’s minisite.