Sharp set to enter UK Smartphone market with “Aquos”

Sharp look set to throw their cards on the Android smartphone table – when it launches the Aquos handset in the United Kingdom.  

Sharp’s Aquos SH-12C Twin-Camera Smartphone

Released to the public in Japan last week, Sharp’s Aquos SH-12C features a generous 4.2” 3D-capable touchscreen and runs on a 1.4GHz processor with a pair of cameras. The model hitting our shores should be this exact model or it’s possible Sharp will issue a close sibling – the Aquos Hybrid – a waterproof hinged “clamshell” variant packing Android 2.3 and featuring 16megapixel camera and tuning for digital TV.

Sharp’s Aquos Hybrid

Speaking of digital TV, the name “Aquos” may ring a bell to some. It’s also the name of Sharp’s LCD television range, so there’s no surprise that the crystal clear and sharp display on its mobile cousin lives up to the company name.

We await a release date and specifics on which model Sharp are sending us but we could have another serious contender to the Android smartphone market.  

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